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Offering you space for unconcerned

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Offering you space for unconcerned

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Who are we

Doing business abroad

Do you do business abroad? Receiving an export order and then delivering the goods is not all that it takes to do business successfully. Only once payment transactions have been fully completed it its successful.  This is where ELCECO with their extensive knowledge and experience can help - securing payment for their clients through delivering comprehensive services that conform to Letter of Credit requirements.

This means maximum certainty for our exporters as we fully-manage the necessary steps required in the L/C process.  Any L/C-risks are minimised in order to allow our clients to focus on their core business of selling products and services.

From our Veghel office, our team of six, enthusiastic, hands-on experts work with customers in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our Services

What we do

Elceco B.V. manage all Letter of Credit processes for you including:

  •     Meticulously inspecting L/Cs details (e.g. expiry date, special remarks) and advising clients;
  •     Drawing up necessary documents (e.g. Bill of Lading, invoice, certificate of origin, packing list, etc.);
  •     Co-operating closely with clients and the bank;
  •     Liaising with shipping and airline companies;
  •     Continuous monitoring of a process;
  •     Legalising documents at Embassies, Consulates and Chambers of Commerce;
  •     Presenting documents to the bank and acting on client’s behalf .

Not only do ELCECO manage L/C documentation processes, we also arrange documentary collections and handle other types of documentation.

Training courses and workshops

Training courses on identifying and optimising the L/C process are provided to new, potential customers, as well as existing customers, from various departments within their companies. During the training sessions, we not only consider possible scenarios and obstacles but also to what extent these may pose risks in the process.

Additionally, in collaboration with the bank, we offer workshops for Evofenedex to shed light on the entire L/C process.

Interested in joining? Then contact us and we will be happy to give you more details.


Our customers

DutchGreenhouses - Timo Raus

"This is exactly how business should be!" ELCECO is the secret weapon behind the financial logistics of DutchGreenhouses. I can fully rely on ELCECO to work through our complex L/Cs documentation. No matter how serious the issue, the team at ELCECO is always friendly, approachable and supportive. We really enjoy and appreciate being at so much ease with them – we could be colleagues! That's how business services/relationships should be! - Timo Raus

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Hycom - Igal van der Linden

“Put simply - a super service!" HYCOM BV chooses to fully rely on ELCECO in the processing of its L/Cs – and for good reason. Not only do they provide a “good old days" service with no hassle, they are always immediately and directly on hand. It's really important for us to get the right advice and information during the process. The informal rapport we have established makes communication transparent and open -  more often than not we get more than we ask for. ELCECO's service is just excellent. - Igal van der Linden

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Atlas Copco Airpower N.V.
Skalar Analytical B.V.
Smitma B.V. - Erik Brouwers

Thanks to ELCECO's support and their direct and fast approach in dealing with the complexities of L/Cs, we are able to supply our customers with goods and services reliably and as expected.

We are extremely satisfied with ELCECO’s services.

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Transport Industry Development Centre B.V. - Bas van den Broek
Berg Hortimotive

Berg Hortimotive - Claudia Bentvelzen

Berg Hortimotive uses L/Cs as an international payment method. ELCECO’s team provides excellent support sharing their expertise advice and responding quickly and effectively to any questions we might have. We are extremely happy with their service.

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Maron Steel

Maron Steel Supplies B.V. - Joris van Amelsvoort

Maron Steel Supplies B.V. has used ELCECO services to manage their L/C process for many years. With their high-level of customer service and knowledge, we know ELCECO will take care of any payment risks so that we can carry on focussing on our core business.

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Our collaborations

As our clients do business with several suppliers, companies and organisations, we work with many parties to ensure all documents conform to L/C requirements. These parties include carriers, banks, inspection offices, Chamber of Commerce and Embassies both at home and abroad. Through the collaborations formed, we have therefore been able to develop an extensive network as an independent service provider.


This is a network of Dutch trade and production companies involved in logistic or international operations.

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ING Bank

For many years we have worked together with the ING bank in providing services to our (joint) customers. Together we strive to provide clients with suitable, hassle-free and efficient solutions in their L/C documentation process.

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Elceco BV

Hoogstraat 5
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The Netherlands

+31 (0)413 353 131